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Monthly Archives: March 2013

2 months! (from Feb. 20th)

*this was written a month ago…how lame am I for taking so long to post it? it’s adding pics that slows me down.*



You are getting to be such big boy. Daddy and I were just looking at pictures from when you were just born and you were so little! At your 2 month appointment today you weighed 11 pounds  4 ounces and are 23 1/4 inches long now! You have almost doubled your birth weight. It’s crazy how fast you are growing.

Some big things have happened with you this month.

The first being my most favorite so far. You smiled at me. And oh it melted my heart! I had just changed your diaper and we were hanging out in your room. I was talking to you (probably telling you how precious I think you are and how much I love you) and you smiled. Greatest. Thing. Ever.

The second big thing (which may not be such a big deal to some) is that your sweet little eye lashes got to be so apparent and long and flirty. Yes this momma is in trouble. You have such flirty lashes and have already figured out how to use them to your benefit. Your eye lashes and big gummy smile are working for you. Hints why I’m in trouble. 😉

You continue to love bath time and are an ok sleeper. I’m hoping longer stretches of sleep are in our near future. You typically get up about 2 times a night (which is way better than every 2 hours like before!).

Oh, and the outfit you are wearing in this picture is the outfit I bought for you to wear home from the hospital. It is just now fitting and not for long, because you’re growing so fast!

I love you more everyday. And being your momma is the best “job” I’ve ever had.