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Monthly Archives: February 2013

1 month! (late)


My Sweet Boy,

I can’t believe you are one month old already. Time has flown by and you have grown so much! You weigh 8 pounds 14 ounces now and you are 21 3/4 inches long. You are still wearing newborn size clothes, although they are getting kinda small.

Daddy and I love cuddling with you. Your favorite way to sleep is on my chest or Daddy’s. The longest you have slept so far is about 4 hours. But you are starting to get into a better sleep routine and I think you know the difference between night and day now. You still like to be swaddled at night, just not your arms. I learned our first night at home that you don’t like your arms swaddled. Your hands and arms are always up by your face (which I find absolutely adorable, especially since we have an ultrasound picture of your hand in a fist up by your face).

We love all the noises you make. You have not stopped “talking” since you were born. You growl and grunt like crazy, even in your sleep. And at times I have wondered if you are part goat, because a lot of the noises you make sound like a goat.

You absolutely love bath time and completely relax when we put you in the warm water.

Before you born a lot of people were praying for you. Most often they prayed that you would be a delight and bring a lot of laughter. I can see so much joy in you already. You are so smiley and several times now you have giggled in your sleep.

I keep telling Daddy that I can’t wait to see you grow and get older. I love you being so little, but I’m loving seeing little bits of your personality come out.

I love you so much my boy! And I love being your mama. We are so thankful God gave us you!!!


*this was written after his 1 month appointment…I just now had time to post with pictures…*