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Monthly Archives: October 2012

LG 65 and a Mission.

This is our life group.

Ken and I love our life group. Like said in the video, we are family. We have also been given a mission.

Several months ago Life Group 65 began praying asking the Lord for a mission. We spent a year and a half building relationships and getting to know one another but felt a stirring in our hearts to something greater. Each member of the life group began to pray individually and ask God to lay a specific mission and purpose on their hearts. We intentionally did not speak with one another during this time regarding this topic. We all wanted to hear a word from the Lord before sharing it with the group. After a month of prayer, our life group sat down and we all said the same word. Orphans. This was such a reassuring and unifying thing to see as God had given us all the same word. We began to pray and research ways we could impact orphans. After spending about a month and a half researching and meeting with different leaders in our community, we all felt the Lord was leading us to come along side families who are going through the adoption process. This is a very lengthy process and can be taxing on the families. Our life group has now mobilized and provides babysitting so the families can attend adoption classes or fill out the stacks of paperwork, provide meals, assist with fundraising, helps with home/vehicle repairs to ensure the orphan has a reliable and safe place to live, collecting things such as a car seat, highchairs, etc…,anything these families may need. As a life group we are not only touching the lives of the orphans but we are having an impact on the entire family. We are currently walking along side two families and it has blessed us just as much it has blessed them. In helping families prepare for adoption, it also helping us to understand kingdom adoption. We are able to share with others how we are adopted sons and daughters of God and how He loves us and call us His own. Please keep Life Group 65 in your prayers as we move forward with our mission of sharing/living out the gospel one adoptive family at a time.

You can help us with our mission this weekend! Who doesn’t love shopping on Saturdays AND spending money on a good cause!?!? The Buchanan family (one of the families we have “adopted”) is having a garage sale this weekend to raise money to bring their two little boys from Swaziland! It’s at:

4245 Sabin Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

To read more about their adventure, go to