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Monthly Archives: July 2012


It’s hard to believe summer (in terms of my time off not the weather) is coming to an end. I always dread this point of the summer. It’s time to start getting organized again. I’ve started a list of things I want to get done around the house that I don’t have time to do when I’m working, so I’ll need to be working hard around here the next few weeks to get that done. And I’ll need to start getting my body back in the routine of getting up early and getting to bed on time.

It was a really weird summer. I don’t know how else to explain it.

The fires were so devasting. It was hard to sit and watch “my” mountains burn. It was heartbreaking to know how many lost everything. On a very side note it also made it almost impossible to be outside. So June was pretty well spent indoors (because of the smoke and extreme heat).

A couple Ken and I love dearly went through a horrible loss. I don’t know that I have ever seen anyone so heartbroken. A lot of tears have been shed and a lot of time has been spent pressing into the Lord.

In the last week there was a terrible shooting in Aurora and a police officer was killed in an accident.

Just crazy. I read in the “Jesus Calling” at the end of June that God only allows us to see our journey’s one day, one moment at a time, because we could not handle our journey’s if we could see it all. Yet He knows every moment.

There has been fun this summer too. We had a great visit with Ken’s sister and her family. I had a visit with a friend from out of state. I’ve had some fun pool days with a dear friend and her sweet boys. We’ve had lots of time with family and I’ve loved my daily long phone calls with my mom, who lives 10 minutes from me. I started my very first Beth Moore study and love it! We are only a few weeks in and God is already teaching me so much. Not to mention Beth is pretty amazing and I feel like she has become one of my best girlfriends.

And I’ve spent a lot of time resting and growing our sweet baby. Pregnancy is quite the journey. It’s amazing the transformation your body goes through to help sustain another life (which it’s still so crazy to me that there is a little life growing inside of me!). I spent most of June barfing and sleeping. Morning sickness didn’t really set in until I was about 9 weeks, just after I got out of work for the summer. Good timing. But even all the barfing was totally worth it and there was a purpose with it. In the middle of it you wonder when it will end, but being on the other side of the morning sickness and in my second trimester, it was just totally worth it. So far I’ve loved every moment of being pregnant and could never complain about the miracle going on inside of me.

I dread summer ending. I’m planning on packing a ton of fun into the last few weeks and enjoying every last bit of it.