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Monthly Archives: June 2012


I was going to try really hard to be a good blogger this summer.

Not gonna happen.

My computer got a virus. On top of that it’s a dinosaur. A dell dinosaur. I bought it brand new 6 years ago when dells were really popular. Remember the commercials with the cute “dude I’m gettin’ dell” guy? Yeah that’s when I got mine.

I don’t think my computer is worth fixing this time around. Although I know nothing about them, the virus said my hard drive was crashing. My hope is that’s not the case or that I can at least get all of my music off it before I “throw it away” or whatever you do with computers.

There goes my efforts of becoming a good blogger. boo.

Although you may be asking yourself how I wrote this blog. To answer that….on my iPhone. I now have a very tired thumb….

I can use my husbands computer when he’s not using it for school, so I may not be totally MIA.