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Monthly Archives: February 2012

long weekend.

I’m so excited to have a four day weekend. It came just in time and with a list of things to do.

I was going to clean the house, attend a yoga class, take pictures of our first “little apartment” (more on that later), and begin packing today (we move in 3 weeks…oh holy cow I seriously just realized we move in 3 short weeks!!!).

So far today I have done none of that.
We are completely out of paper towels, so cleaning the house is out the window until I go to the store.
I did clean the kitchen, that’s progress.
I decided not to go to yoga, because Ken wants to go to the gym tonight (which I’m ok with. I’ve been listening to the Bible while working out and LOVING it, plus I’m catching up with the group online at church I mentioned before. So working out has double purpose. Love that!)
I showered before noon. That’s a major accomplishment for a day off.

Instead of packing I’m going to visit my sweet 92 year old great grandma, who is in her final days. I’m so blessed to have had her around my whole life. Life is precious, so is time. Packing can wait until other day, my sweet Gram may not.

On a lighter note, I joined Pinterest last night. I haven’t spent a ton of time on there yet, but I can tell I’m going to love it! I’ve already seen some projects I want to do for the new place.

I’m craving coconut! All I want to eat is coconut. I just had some dark chocolate with coconut. I was going to make coconut muffins for breakfast, but the eggs were bad. Boo! I’ll do that later. And I just found some yummy macaroon recipes to try. But I may just need to venture to Whole Foods and get something coconut in case I can’t wait to bake something…do any of you love coconut? Have recipes to share or products to try?

I guess I should go curl my hair so I can go out.
Enjoy the long weekend all!



It was a really rough week. Seems to be a theme lately. I was talking with one of my best friends Thursday night about the uncertain season we have both been in. It was agreed that even though EVERYTHING is uncertain it’s more certain that God is working and moving. His presence has been clear and makes life less scary even when it is so uncertain.

I was reminded via FB status yesterday to be hopeful, that hope is faith in action, and the enemy has come to kill our hope. Our job is to press into the Lord and rely on Him to give us the strength and peace to live out His calling on our lives.

On a side note to this week…my husband is amazing. He has had to “put up” with more emotional break downs recently than any one man should have to. But he has been so patient and so strong. I’m really blessed to have him. And I couldn’t have picked anyone better myself to journey through life with. God is good.

*It may sound like my life really sucks right now. It doesn’t. God really is good. We are really blessed. Blessed with wonderful family and friends. Blessed with jobs we both love, a roof over our heads, cars that run (even if one came with a flat tire this week), food to eat…

And hope. Hope that HE has good plans, even when plans don’t go the way we think they should or when we are in a season of uncertainty.*

So here’s to hope. *cheers*

This is a test.

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