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oh my

I already suck at keeping up with blogging…boo! I had a great (or so I thought) blog started the other day, complete with pictures and all (be proud, that is a big accomplishment for me!) and my computer “white screened”. I don’t know what that means, but it’s ok, it just didn’t save the blog. Perhaps I will “catch up” sometime in the next few days, although there really isn’t anything to exciting to share.

We have had a bit of a rough week at Medley house…life is hard sometimes and doesn’t always go the way we expect. My prayer this week was just that I could hide in the hands of God and find peace and hope there. I feel more hopeful and trust that God just must have bigger things for Ken and I than what we “planned” or thought it was.

Ken and I are reading through our pastor and his wife’s book on marriage right now. It’s been really good so far. We read a chapter one week and discuss the questions the next. It’s really fun to have intentional conversations again. You know you do that a lot in the “dating/engagement” phase of a relationship, but it kinda tapers off to the day to day stuff after a bit (1 1/2 years for us this week!). So even though somethings have been rough Ken and I are growing together and that’s really good.

I made homemade applesauce the other day and it turned out great, I guess that’s kinda exciting to me. Hopefully I can post a pic and the recipe soon.

I was off today, so along with a run, I’m roasting 2 whole chickens (they were cheaper than just chicken breasts this week, so that’s what’s for dinner). One is in the oven for tonights dinner and the other is in the crock pot for the weekend/early next week.

In fact I think the one in the oven is “calling” me…so are the dishes…


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  1. Recipes are always good!!

    Love that you’re back in the blogging world again!! 🙂


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