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2 months! (from Feb. 20th)

*this was written a month ago…how lame am I for taking so long to post it? it’s adding pics that slows me down.*



You are getting to be such big boy. Daddy and I were just looking at pictures from when you were just born and you were so little! At your 2 month appointment today you weighed 11 pounds  4 ounces and are 23 1/4 inches long now! You have almost doubled your birth weight. It’s crazy how fast you are growing.

Some big things have happened with you this month.

The first being my most favorite so far. You smiled at me. And oh it melted my heart! I had just changed your diaper and we were hanging out in your room. I was talking to you (probably telling you how precious I think you are and how much I love you) and you smiled. Greatest. Thing. Ever.

The second big thing (which may not be such a big deal to some) is that your sweet little eye lashes got to be so apparent and long and flirty. Yes this momma is in trouble. You have such flirty lashes and have already figured out how to use them to your benefit. Your eye lashes and big gummy smile are working for you. Hints why I’m in trouble. 😉

You continue to love bath time and are an ok sleeper. I’m hoping longer stretches of sleep are in our near future. You typically get up about 2 times a night (which is way better than every 2 hours like before!).

Oh, and the outfit you are wearing in this picture is the outfit I bought for you to wear home from the hospital. It is just now fitting and not for long, because you’re growing so fast!

I love you more everyday. And being your momma is the best “job” I’ve ever had.


1 month! (late)


My Sweet Boy,

I can’t believe you are one month old already. Time has flown by and you have grown so much! You weigh 8 pounds 14 ounces now and you are 21 3/4 inches long. You are still wearing newborn size clothes, although they are getting kinda small.

Daddy and I love cuddling with you. Your favorite way to sleep is on my chest or Daddy’s. The longest you have slept so far is about 4 hours. But you are starting to get into a better sleep routine and I think you know the difference between night and day now. You still like to be swaddled at night, just not your arms. I learned our first night at home that you don’t like your arms swaddled. Your hands and arms are always up by your face (which I find absolutely adorable, especially since we have an ultrasound picture of your hand in a fist up by your face).

We love all the noises you make. You have not stopped “talking” since you were born. You growl and grunt like crazy, even in your sleep. And at times I have wondered if you are part goat, because a lot of the noises you make sound like a goat.

You absolutely love bath time and completely relax when we put you in the warm water.

Before you born a lot of people were praying for you. Most often they prayed that you would be a delight and bring a lot of laughter. I can see so much joy in you already. You are so smiley and several times now you have giggled in your sleep.

I keep telling Daddy that I can’t wait to see you grow and get older. I love you being so little, but I’m loving seeing little bits of your personality come out.

I love you so much my boy! And I love being your mama. We are so thankful God gave us you!!!


*this was written after his 1 month appointment…I just now had time to post with pictures…*

He’s here! (part 1)

It’s hard to believe he’s been here for 3 weeks already. I was warned that the days are long and the years are short…I’m sure that will be true at some point, but right now the days aren’t long enough (that sounds crazy..) and time is flying…except for during those 3 a.m. feedings or times when the world is sleeping and I’m rocking a “grunting/grumbly” baby boy.

He arrived on December 20th. 2 weeks early and on someone elses birthday (I wanted so badly for him to have his own birthday, because there are so many birthdays in December/January between Ken and I’s family).  But there was nothing I could do to stop it or change it. I kept talking to my belly telling him to pick a birthday. However he picked a good birthday to share. The 20th was my dad’s 50th birthday. My dad was thrilled to share his birthday with his first grandson. He said no one really celebrates birthdays after 50 anyways so now we can party for Fender.

I went into labor after my 38 week appointment the evening of the 19th. They checked for the first time at that appointment and I was already dilated to 4cm.  My doctor said as I was leaving that he would see me later that night or for sure before Christmas. I told him I really needed to go into work the next day, so I hoped baby would wait and he just laughed at me.

Ken and I came home and had dinner after that. I was stressed then because we didn’t have a Christmas outfit for Fender, so I convinced Ken we needed to go to Target and get one “just in case”. I was having contractions pretty irregularly at this point and totally in denial that labor may be starting. Target is where my contractions really started to become more regular and reality was setting in.

When we got home I cried, because I realized I was going to miss work (it was our last day before break and I wanted/needed to give my “school babies” love before I was on maternity leave, which is why I wanted to go in so bad).  When I got to this point and relaxed, labor really began. Because we wanted a natural birth, I wanted to labor at home as long as possible. Around 8 p.m. contractions started to become more regular. This was all really a blur, I know I took a bath at some point and had Ken paint my toenails (I couldn’t give birth staring at ugly toes!).  By 11 my contractions were pretty close together, but I still didn’t want to go to the hospital. I was relaxed and didn’t want the pressure from hospital staff to have any sort of medication, so we waited. And time flew!

At 1 a.m. Ken decided it was time to go in. So we grabbed the bags and got in the car. It was such an odd drive, knowing we left our house for the last time as just Ken and Jess, and that when we would come home there would be a new little person with us.

reveal party.

I never posted pictures of our “reveal party” for our sweet baby. It’s hard to believe this was 12 weeks ago!

We had a party to reveal the gender and to have all our family and friends together to hear who is coming.



I decided on a question mak themed party in bright blues and pinks.

Ken wrote “our story” including the words “boy” and “girl” as many times as he could. We had everyone take a stick with their “guess” and every time he read “boy” or “girl” the appropriate stick had to be raised.

I wish there was a picture of what Ken and I could see as he read our story. It was incredible to look around the room and have so many people we love standing there (or on skype or facetime) waiting in anticipation of the news and sharing in our excitement.

Much to my surprise IT’S A BOY!!

We are so excited! I so thought it was a girl. After the shock wore off I couldn’t imagine a girl coming now.

I still have moments of “oh my gosh, I’m gonna be the mama of a boy!”. But seriously I couldn’t imagine anyone else coming!

It’s hard to believe our Fender Kenneth will be here in about 8 weeks!

LG 65 and a Mission.

This is our life group.

Ken and I love our life group. Like said in the video, we are family. We have also been given a mission.

Several months ago Life Group 65 began praying asking the Lord for a mission. We spent a year and a half building relationships and getting to know one another but felt a stirring in our hearts to something greater. Each member of the life group began to pray individually and ask God to lay a specific mission and purpose on their hearts. We intentionally did not speak with one another during this time regarding this topic. We all wanted to hear a word from the Lord before sharing it with the group. After a month of prayer, our life group sat down and we all said the same word. Orphans. This was such a reassuring and unifying thing to see as God had given us all the same word. We began to pray and research ways we could impact orphans. After spending about a month and a half researching and meeting with different leaders in our community, we all felt the Lord was leading us to come along side families who are going through the adoption process. This is a very lengthy process and can be taxing on the families. Our life group has now mobilized and provides babysitting so the families can attend adoption classes or fill out the stacks of paperwork, provide meals, assist with fundraising, helps with home/vehicle repairs to ensure the orphan has a reliable and safe place to live, collecting things such as a car seat, highchairs, etc…,anything these families may need. As a life group we are not only touching the lives of the orphans but we are having an impact on the entire family. We are currently walking along side two families and it has blessed us just as much it has blessed them. In helping families prepare for adoption, it also helping us to understand kingdom adoption. We are able to share with others how we are adopted sons and daughters of God and how He loves us and call us His own. Please keep Life Group 65 in your prayers as we move forward with our mission of sharing/living out the gospel one adoptive family at a time.

You can help us with our mission this weekend! Who doesn’t love shopping on Saturdays AND spending money on a good cause!?!? The Buchanan family (one of the families we have “adopted”) is having a garage sale this weekend to raise money to bring their two little boys from Swaziland! It’s at:

4245 Sabin Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

To read more about their adventure, go to


It’s hard to believe summer (in terms of my time off not the weather) is coming to an end. I always dread this point of the summer. It’s time to start getting organized again. I’ve started a list of things I want to get done around the house that I don’t have time to do when I’m working, so I’ll need to be working hard around here the next few weeks to get that done. And I’ll need to start getting my body back in the routine of getting up early and getting to bed on time.

It was a really weird summer. I don’t know how else to explain it.

The fires were so devasting. It was hard to sit and watch “my” mountains burn. It was heartbreaking to know how many lost everything. On a very side note it also made it almost impossible to be outside. So June was pretty well spent indoors (because of the smoke and extreme heat).

A couple Ken and I love dearly went through a horrible loss. I don’t know that I have ever seen anyone so heartbroken. A lot of tears have been shed and a lot of time has been spent pressing into the Lord.

In the last week there was a terrible shooting in Aurora and a police officer was killed in an accident.

Just crazy. I read in the “Jesus Calling” at the end of June that God only allows us to see our journey’s one day, one moment at a time, because we could not handle our journey’s if we could see it all. Yet He knows every moment.

There has been fun this summer too. We had a great visit with Ken’s sister and her family. I had a visit with a friend from out of state. I’ve had some fun pool days with a dear friend and her sweet boys. We’ve had lots of time with family and I’ve loved my daily long phone calls with my mom, who lives 10 minutes from me. I started my very first Beth Moore study and love it! We are only a few weeks in and God is already teaching me so much. Not to mention Beth is pretty amazing and I feel like she has become one of my best girlfriends.

And I’ve spent a lot of time resting and growing our sweet baby. Pregnancy is quite the journey. It’s amazing the transformation your body goes through to help sustain another life (which it’s still so crazy to me that there is a little life growing inside of me!). I spent most of June barfing and sleeping. Morning sickness didn’t really set in until I was about 9 weeks, just after I got out of work for the summer. Good timing. But even all the barfing was totally worth it and there was a purpose with it. In the middle of it you wonder when it will end, but being on the other side of the morning sickness and in my second trimester, it was just totally worth it. So far I’ve loved every moment of being pregnant and could never complain about the miracle going on inside of me.

I dread summer ending. I’m planning on packing a ton of fun into the last few weeks and enjoying every last bit of it.


I was going to try really hard to be a good blogger this summer.

Not gonna happen.

My computer got a virus. On top of that it’s a dinosaur. A dell dinosaur. I bought it brand new 6 years ago when dells were really popular. Remember the commercials with the cute “dude I’m gettin’ dell” guy? Yeah that’s when I got mine.

I don’t think my computer is worth fixing this time around. Although I know nothing about them, the virus said my hard drive was crashing. My hope is that’s not the case or that I can at least get all of my music off it before I “throw it away” or whatever you do with computers.

There goes my efforts of becoming a good blogger. boo.

Although you may be asking yourself how I wrote this blog. To answer that….on my iPhone. I now have a very tired thumb….

I can use my husbands computer when he’s not using it for school, so I may not be totally MIA.